My name is Amy Welsh, and I am a New Yorker.

Before COVID-19, I was a freelance producer and experiential marketer here in New York City. In my many years in marketing, I have worked on projects with everyone from Samsung to CNN in capacities ranging from being a brand ambassador, all the way up to producing a national tour. Now, like so many New Yorkers, I have been rendered unemployed by our current crisis. Since I now find myself in an unfamiliar reality with practical skills that would otherwise be going unused, I have decided to start this blog.

I think it’s very important that we all keep up with the news about this latest crisis. But, I also understand that many people are dealing with a whole new world of loss and anxiety that may prevent you from wanting to watch the press conferences related to COVID-19. In service to the city I love so much, I have decided to watch and transcribe these press conferences for you. I will add some of my own opinions from time to time, and attempt to bring some humor to the situation. But, my aim is always to keep you supplied with the raw facts about what was said.

If you find that have some money to spare and you would like to donate any amount towards me and my mission during this difficult time, I will happily accept anything you would like to give at my Venmo @Amydetriotgirl, my Cashapp @$carbetarian, and by pay pal (carbetarian@gmail.com). You are also welcome to reach out to me with any kind words or feed back at carbetarian@gmail.com, or on either of my instagram accounts @amydetriotgirl and @amymakesart.

Thank you for your support.