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Press conference with New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo (4/4/20)

Hi everyone! Yesterday I decided to take a mental health day away from the press conferences. But, today I am back with the latest from the president of the east coast, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo!


  • 283,621 people have now been tested for COVID-19 in the state of New York. 23,101 of those tests were done yesterday.
  • 124,652 people have been tested for COVID-19 in New York City. 11,248 of those tests were done yesterday.
  • 113,704 people have tested positive for COVID-19 so far in the state of New York. 10,841 of those positives were found yesterday.
  • 63,306 people have tested positive for COVID-19 in New York City so far. 6,147 of those positives were found yesterday.
  • 15,905 people are currently hospitalized in the state of New York. That’s 1,095 more than yesterday.
  • We currently have 4,126 COVID-19 ICU patients in the state of New York. That’s 395 more than yesterday.
  • 10,478 people have been discharged from the hospital in the state of New York so far. 1,592 of those people were discharged yesterday. ❤
  • So far, there have been 3,565 deaths from COVID-19 in the state of New York.
  • 630 people died from COVID-19 yesterday in the state of New York.
  • We are still the most impacted state. We are followed by New Jersey (29,895 cases/647 deaths), Michigan (12,670 cases/478 deaths), California (12,569 cases/282 deaths) and Massachusetts (10,402 cases/192 deaths).
  • PERSONAL NOTE: Speaking as someone who was born in southwest Detroit and has experienced how screwed up Michigan can be firsthand, I am still actually shocked at how fast and how far Michigan has shot up this list. I thought for sure the big tragedy outside of New York would be Florida by this point in the timeline, but apparently Michigan is proving me wrong. My heart goes out to everyone back in my other home state. Please stay home!
  • The numbers continue to trend upward.
  • 66% of the people who have been hospitalized have been discharged. Only a third of hospitalized patients end up requiring ICU care.
  • They are keeping a close eye on Long Island, which has now jumped from 17% of all cases in New York to 22% of all cases in New York.
  • We have not yet reached the apex of this crisis, but we’re getting closer. It’s believed that we are between 4 – 8 days away from our worst day.
  • We are not yet ready for the apex of this crisis. So the more time we have, the better.
  • There will be a conference call with all the hospitals today to coordinate all of the equipment.
  • The White House agreed to make The Javits Center a COVID-19 facility. The federal government is going to staff and equip it. They are now transitioning it from a non-COVID facility to a COVID facility. If this transition goes well, it will be a game changer for us.
  • We now have 85,000 volunteer medical professionals, including 22,000 from out of state. THANK YOU!
  • He is also signing an executive order to allow medical students who were slated to graduate to begin practicing now.
  • Remember earlier this week when he said the state had ordered 17,000 ventilators from China? We’re getting an update!
  • For comparison, the federal stockpile was only about 10,000 ventilators for the nation. (IF YOU BELIEVE TRUMP EVEN HAS A STOCKPILE READY… which… *side eye*)
  • Well, the update is that it turns out our 17,000 ventilator order never came through. *blip bloop sad face*
  • I was confused by the next talking point. But, if I follow the math on what he said it sounds like we have 2,500 ventilators left in the whole state that are not currently in use.
  • If I follow that math a little further, it sounds like we will run out of ventilators in five days if that’s our total number.
  • Although handling international relations is not usually a duty of a state governor, Cuomo went out and did the work for us (since Trump clearly wasn’t going to). Through help from people in our federal government (I’m sure not Trump) and the Asian American society, we have reached an agreement with China! They are DONATING 1,000 ventilators to us! THANK YOU, CHINA! ❤
  • The state extends our gratitude to the Joseph and Clara Tsai Foundation, the Jack Ma Foundation, Alibaba co-founders Jack Ma and Joe Tsai, and the Chinese Government, including Ambassador Huang and the Chinese Consul General.
  • Those 1,000 ventilators will be coming into JFK today!
  • Also, the state of Oregon contacted us and is sending 140 ventilators. THANK YOU, TO THE PEOPLE OF OREGON AND GOVERNOR KATE BROWN! ❤
  • Oregon did this completely on their own, unsolicited by the state of New York, which is amazing!
  • Oregon’s curve is projected to hit in May. So, we will surely be returning this favor to them after our curve peaks.
  • By my math though, this extends us to about 7 days worth of ventilators if our curve continues to go up. So, we still need more help!
  • He talks about FDR and why it’s important to think ahead when fighting a war, and it just highlights another difference between Cuomo and Trump. You can tell Cuomo has a lot of respect for politics, and that he reads books. Trump has respect for just about no one, and the closest he ever gets to reading a book is scrolling through his own feed on Twitter.
  • He says he just wants this to be over, and sir… we are all right there with you.
Literally same, Andrew. ❤


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