Donald Trump Dr. Deborah Birx Dr. Tony Fauci Mike Pence National Press Conference

Press conference with Donald Trump (3/31/20)

Ok everyone, Donald Trump has been hyping up today’s press conference for the last two days. Mike Pence’s “15 days to slow the spread” one sheet looks to have now been expanded into a “30 days to slow the spread” powerpoint presentation, so you know this is LEGIT. I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I’m pretty tired. Covering three press conferences a day is pretty challenging, especially when De Blasio spends half of his press conferences repeating the same emotional statements about New Yorkers, and Donald Trump spends two hours… well, mostly just taking up air. Cuomo is pretty much the only one giving us solid facts for an hour everyday, in my humble opinion. But regardless, Donald has promised us some really big news tonight. So, I’m buckling up and preparing whatever he throws at us.

The run time on this is 2 hours, so I may attempt to limit myself to only doing bullet points on things that are either really outrageous or actually useful to know.


  • He starts with the usual platitudes about how we all need to do our part to defeat the virus.
  • QUOTE: “some of what we’re learning now will live on into the future. I really believe that. Shaking hands, or not shaking hands… washing hands all the time. Staying a little apart.” – Donald “grab em by the pussy” Trump.
  • The social distancing guidelines are extended up April 30th.
  • He repeats again that we had “THE BEST ECONOMY IN THE WORLD” before the virus.
  • Thanks to the relief bill, nearly 350 billion dollars will soon be available to help small businesses to pay their expenses over the next few months. He says the loans will be forgiven as long as employees are still paid, but he also says that independent contractors can apply for this loan as well. Speaking as an independent contractor, I am wondering how that works? Will I be forgiven for this loan as long as I continue to pay myself? Because, if so… done!
  • This program will begin on Friday, April 3rd.
  • He spoke with the leaders of many telecommunications and internet companies today about their work keeping our phone and data lines open.
  • He claims that other continents are having problems connecting to the internet, and I would like a fact check on this. Do I have any international readers? If so, how is your phone and internet service holding up? Because, to me this just sounds like another episode of “WE HAVE THE GREATEST BLAH BLAH BLAH” for the millionth time.
  • He says they are distributing massive amounts of medical equipment to the states, but they are still holding back 10,000 ventilators. Which is probably why we here in New York City have been reduced to watching our mayor beg anyone who can help to send us more ventilators on live tv.
  • He says he just spoke to the government of Michigan, and they had a good conversation.
  • He repeats yesterday’s breakdown of who recently got ventilators.
  • He says FEMA gave New York City 250 ambulances, as well as additional staff and supplies. He remarks that it is “a lot of ambulances”. And that is a lot of ambulances under normal circumstances. But my city has been getting 7,000 emergency calls a day. That’s the part of this that he’s missing.
  • In California, the army corps of engineers is developing 8 facilities to expand hospital beds by up to 50,000 beds.
  • The USNS Mercy is now operational and receiving patients in Los Angeles.
  • The USNS Comfort is also ready to receive patients in New York City.
  • In Michigan, FEMA will soon deliver a 250 bed field hospital and evaluate other field hospital locations, in addition to delivering the ventilators.
  • In Louisiana, FEMA is delivering two need field hospitals, which will add a total of 500 hospital beds. They are also going to convert the New Orleans convention center, which will have a 3,000 bed capacity. The convention center location will be open next week.
  • He again says the outbreak in Louisiana came “out of nowhere”.
  • Their convention center will take non COVID patients, much like the Javits Center.
  • The government has now successfully retrieved more 25,000 Americans who were stranded abroad because of this crisis.
  • He says we will be going through a very tough two weeks, and says it will be “very painful”.
  • He thanks the media for posting positive articles about him and says that he thinks, frankly, “only positive things can be said when you look at the job we’ve done.” Ok. Sure.
  • He says we are battling “the plague”.
  • He talks again about Emhurst hospital. He says QUOTE “to see the scenes of trailers out there, and uh… what they’re doing with those trailers… they’re freezers. And nobody can even believe it.” (he is speaking about the morgue trucks outside of the hospital)
  • He does say some kind words about the bravery of the people working at Elmhurst, and he again speaks about his friend who is in coma now because of the virus. I can’t stand this man, but I am very sensitive to other people’s emotions. In fact, I would say my ability to quickly identify other people’s emotional state is a part of what makes me so good at my job in the event industry. Everything in me reads this moment as a sincere expression of pain on his part. It’s horrible, and I do not take any joy in seeing anyone feel hurt. As the saying goes, an eye for an eye leaves everyone blind. But, I am glad that these horrible scenes in New York are finally getting to him on some level. The fact that he is feeling pain may end up saving a lot of lives.


  • Our first slide is labeled “GOALS OF COMMUNITY MITIGATION”.
  • My cousin said she couldn’t see the slides on TV, so I’m adding them here for anyone that missed them.
  • The two mountains show what would happen if we do nothing, and what would happen with social distancing.
  • The next slide is labeled “IHME Model Chris Murray”.
  • This model used data from other countries to help project our losses if we use full mitigation.
  • These models are reshaped everyday by the reality on the ground.
  • The next slide is labeled “CUMULATIVE CASES PER 100,000 NY, NJ, CT, WA, CA”.
  • She says this chart is giving us hope, but as I sit here in NY I’m not really seeing how.
  • The next slide shows ALL FIFTY STATES.
  • She says their goal for the next month is to ensure that all the states along the bottom maintain that lower level of curve. As for New York, we’re basically screwed.
  • We need everyone to follow the guidelines perfectly in order to keep our curves flat. Again, unless you’re in New York, in which case lock yourself into your apartment and pray.
  • The next slide is labeled “DAILY NEW CASES IN ITALY”
  • As you can see, now in their fourth week of full mitigation, their curve has started to come down.
  • She warns that although we have hope, we must keep a close eye on changes in Detroit, Louisiana, Chicago, and Massachusetts.
  • She says it’s stressful to follow the guidelines, but it is more stressful for the people working on the frontlines. So stay at home.
  • She said there is no magic vaccine or therapy for this. We just have to change our behavior and stay inside.


  • He says these are very revealing bits of data, and agrees with everything Dr. Birx said.
  • The first part of this curve is in an increase in new cases. When the cases begin to level off, the first result we’ll see is less hospitalizations, the second effect is less intubations, and the third effect is less deaths. Those last three steps always lag behind the first one.
  • He says we are seeing little inclinings of this pattern in New York, so we have to brace ourselves. In the next couple weeks, we’re going to continue to see things go up.
  • He says we cannot be discouraged by that because the mitigation is actually working, and will work.
  • He says our goal should be to help very impacted places like New York and New Jersey get past our curve, but also to make sure the states with few cases continue to have a flat curve and prevent them from spiking.
  • He says the first 15 days have had a positive effect, and the goal with these 30 days is to continue those positive effects.


  • The American people have now seen what the president saw. This is why we’re doing 30 more days.
  • We have reason to believe this is working.
  • Stay at home.
  • Thoughts and prayers.
  • He spoke to all the governors yesterday.
  • At the present moment, the president has declared 29 major disaster declarations for various states, and authorized 10 different states to use full federal funding to pay for their national guard.
  • 17,000 national guard members have been activated.
  • Over a million tests have been done across the country.
  • It’s important that all hospitals and labs continue to report their test results to the CDC daily.
  • FEMA has distributed a lot of stuff.
  • We want all of our medical professionals across the country to know that help is on the way.
  • Mike Pence is going to the Walmart distribution center tomorrow to show people that food is still being delivered.

I watched some of the questions after the main presentation, but I had to cut it off early. I’m sorry, you guys. I try to give you complete, accurate coverage of everything that’s said at these press conferences but this one really got to me. The message I kept hearing over and over again, was that they think they can save the rest of the country, but New York is a different story. The overwhelming bulk of the deaths in this crisis will be here. I already knew that was the situation going into this, but I don’t think I can take hearing it over and over again for an additional hour and a half.

I already know people who have been hospitalized. Multiple friends of friends have already died. But, I think the most horrifying moment of this whole day was when I glanced over at Donald Trump as Dr. Birx was explaining the data again and saw the expression on his face. Just really take a second and look at his face here. This is the face of someone who knows they screwed everything up.

I’m sure in a few days he’ll recover his ego, and be back to his usual narcissistic self. But tonight, we saw a very different Donald Trump. And I was wholly unprepared for how much it threw me off. Any crisis that’s able to get through to someone as thick and self centered as he is truly something to be afraid of.

Please just stay inside, everyone. And if you believe in God, please pray for New York.


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