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Press conference with Donald Trump (3/27/20)

Boy, tonight was a wild ride. Hang on to your seats, everyone! This is the longest recap so far!

Tonight’s participants are Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Dr. Birx, Dr. Fauci, Peter Navarro, Sonny Perdue, Betsy Devos, Some CEO guys, and the one sheet.


  • This is a “brutal pandemic, 150 countries affected”.
  • Millions of pieces of equipment have been delivered.
  • QUOTE: “We’ve had millions of pieces purchased and delivered, and we’ve made it available to the states. And the governors have been very gracious, for the most part, I would say. There’s a couple who aren’t appreciative of the incredible job… they have to do a better job themselves, that’s part of the problem.”
  • QUOTE: “Governor Cuomo’s been very nice.” *eye roll from me*
  • He says no one else has ever made “portable hospitals”.
  • This afternoon, he used the Defense Production Act to force General Motors to create ventilators. He says this will show companies that they are serious about invoking this right.
  • NOTE FROM ME: But hold up, y’all… hasn’t this tangerine been telling us that this was already a done deal all week? Hmmm…
  • QUOTE: “We thought that we had a deal with, as an example, General Motors, and I guess they thought otherwise. They didn’t agree. But, now they do. They do agree, and I think we might be able to pull it… but we let them know the way we felt, and they can’t be doing that.”
  • NOTE FROM ME: People are going to use this as an excuse to shit on Detroit (my birth place) for years to come. Speaking from my experience on promo tours, people love to bring up the auto company bailouts as an excuse to drag Detroit. This will be more of the same. Way to bring shame to the city, GM! Ugh… But, just to let you know real quick, Detroit is about to get hit hard by this too, and I will not tolerate any slander against the people of my other hometown. It’s not Detroit’s fault that GM made this call. So, to redirect your focus back to the real problem here, Trump basically just admitted he’s been lying ALL WEEK.
  • Peter Navarro will now serve as the national defense production act policy coordinator. Trump says this position will now be more important than it’s ever been in this country. Can I get a fact check on whether this has been a position at all since the last time this act was invoked?


  • We are engaged in the most significant industrial mobilization since World War 2.
  • We have a “war time president fighting an invisible enemy”.
  • We need ventilators to continue this fight, and we need industrialization to do that.
  • He says we need to move in “TRUMP TIME” and honestly I’m gonna vomit. Trump time? TRUMP TIME?!? After he dragged his feet on declaring a national emergency and has left New York out here on our own to go broke? TRUMP TIME!??! *throws chancla at screen*
  • He says the two companies that they had a problem with were GM and Ventec.
  •  He says that Ford was “doing it’s duty patriotically” (Small redemption for Detroit here, I hope people see it!) and working as fast as possible.
  • He says GM threw up roadblocks, and so they had to invoke the act.


  • They are working to sign contracts with other major ventilator companies.
  • They are removing certain regulations in order to make this process faster.
  • There are normally about 29,000 produced in the US each year, but within the next year we will be making over 100,000 additional units.
  • Thousands have gone to New York, and he says “they didn’t know they got them.” Interpret that however you will.
  • His favorite company, Boeing, will be making face shields.
  • Boeing has loaned us a very large plane called “THE DREAM LIFTER”. It’s the largest plane in the world. And he’s brought a picture of it, which means we now have something to rival Pence’s one sheet on stage!
  • Boeing is giving us three additional planes to help deliver supplies.
  • This afternoon, he also signed the new relief bill into law.
  • They are still working on vaccines and therapeutics.
  • Apple has now provided us with a Coronavirus app! Great.
  • He repeats how great it is that we have done so many tests, and I almost feel like his proclivity for bragging about large numbers almost has him tempted to say we have the most cases in the world like it’s a good thing. U-S-A! U-S-A!
  • Boris Johnson is positive.
  • The UK and Italy have asked for ventilators for their countries, according to Trump, and he says we’re going to help them. Far be it from me to deny anyone aid, but he’s planning on helping Europe when he won’t even properly help New York? Whaaaaaaat?


  • QUESTION: What was the issue with GM?
  • TRUMP: It got to be a debate about costs. He says “I wasn’t happy where General Motors built plants at other locations over the years, not so much during my term, but they built a lot of plants in other countries, I won’t name the countries… but you can imagine, and so I didn’t go into it with a very favorable view. I was extremely unhappy with lordstown, Ohio, where they left in the middle of an auto boom because we had 17 car companies coming in and then they were leaving one plant in Ohio. I love Ohio, and uh that becomes the story. Not that all those plants are moving in, but that you had one plant that was leaving. And uh frankly, I think that would be a good place to build the ventilators. But, we’ll see. We’ll see how that all works out. But, uh… So, I wasn’t too thrilled. And then I thought we had a deal for 40,000 ventilators, but then all of a sudden it became 6, and then price became a big object. But, Peter Navarro is gonna handle that.”
  • NOTE FROM ME: First of all, damn… if you work for GM, this is going to be a really tough year. This is terrible PR. But, if you read between the lines here, it sort of sounds like Trump decided to make an example out of GM because something they did caused HIM to have bad press. Note that he says one plant closing became the focus of stories. What stories? What does that have to do with ventilators? I think there’s more to this story than we’re hearing.
  • QUESTION: Over the last 24 hours several states have issued quarantine orders for travelers coming from other states, and they are intercepting people on highways and at airports. They say this is at the recommendation of your administration. Is that true? And if so why?
  • TRUMP: Tony will speak to that later, but we’re being very strong on quarantine and people not leaving, especially people in certain states going to other states. I mean, you’re hearing constantly about people leaving New York and going down to Florida and obviously New York is a hot spot. I mean, that’s why we’re building all those hospital centers in New York. You have to understand, we’re not playing games.
  • NOTE FROM ME: Read between the lines here… he doesn’t want people from New York infecting Mar A Lago. lol
  • QUESTION: You tweeted about the DPA this morning, and shortly afterwards GM announced their ventilator plans. Why did you feel the need to invoke the DPA after they had already complied?
  • TRUMP: It wasn’t after, it was before and we just were not getting there with GM. “We’re not looking to make a big deal on price. We’re not willing to get ripped off on price.”
  • TRUMP: *Backs up his bus and tosses GM under it*
  • QUESTION: Last night, you said you didn’t think there was a need for 30,000 ventilators in New York. Comment?
  • TRUMP: “I think there’s a great chance that we’re not going to need that many. But, you know what? There are a lot of other people that are gonna need them. We have countries all over the world that are friends of ours, and we will help those countries. We’re in a position to do things that other countries can’t. So, we’re in sort of an interesting position because we can make them. We can make 100,000 pretty quickly. So, we can make them, and if we don’t need them, it’s ok because we can help Italy, the UK, Boris Johnson. We’re not gonna be keeping them.
  • NOTE FROM ME: To quote Cuomo “Sooooooooo…” What does this mean? Is he sending us the ventilators or not? There is a part of me that believes that he will make all these ventilators and sell them to Europe before giving them to New York, because “THE ECONOMY”.
  • QUESTION: Cuomo said he would need 30,000 to 40,000 ventilators based on expert advice, what are you basing your assessment on?
  • TRUMP: Ask Deborah. “I think their estimates are high. They could be high. They could be extremely high.” and “we’re gonna see” and then continues “remember, we sent thousands of ventilators to New York and they didn’t know they got them. Then we send thousands of ventilators to New York, and they got them in a warehouse, a New York warehouse, in Edison, New Jersey, which is an interesting thing, and we sent them to Edison, New Jersey. They were in the warehouse, ready to go and New York never took them. So, they knew they were there. So, we have to get people lined up. And I’m not blaming New York!”
  • NOTE FROM ME: If you have been watching Cuomo’s livestreams, then you know Trump is purposely misrepresenting the facts here. To my knowledge, the federal government has only sent New York 4,500 ventilators. Cuomo has been very clear about the fact that the ventilators are currently in warehouses, waiting to be deployed. I don’t know why this windbag is so shocked that the city of New York is using a storage unit in New Jersey. You try finding an available storage unit that large at the last minute in New York City! I can tell you from experience of having to do it before myself, that it is not that easy! Especially if you aren’t working with a large budget! It’s common practice to store things in New Jersey for later use in New York.
  • QUESTION: You have placed a lot of blame on state governors. Can you be specific about what you think they are doing wrong?
  • TRUMP: “I think we’ve done a great job for the state of Washington, and I think the governor is a failed presidential candidate as you know. He leveled out at zero, uh, in the polls, uh. He’s constantly chirping and, I guess complaining would be a nice way of saying it. We’re building hospitals. We’ve done a good job for the state of Washington. Uh, Michigan, all she does is, she has no idea what’s going on, and all she does is say oh, it’s the federal government’s fault. And we’ve taken such great care of Michigan. You know the care we’ve taken of New Jersey. I think if you act Governor Murphy of New Jersey, how are we doing? I think he’d say great. I think. He’s a democrat. Governor Cuomo has really said we’re really doing a great job, and I saw the news conference where he was thanking the people from FEMA, the people from the army corp of engineers… I mean, we built a hospital like in three and a half days. And it’s a big hospital in the Javits Center. And they’re building medical facilities in different parts of New York, and Governor Cuomo’s been appreciative. But, a couple people aren’t. We have done a hell of a job. The federal government has really stepped up.”
  • NOTE FROM ME: Apparently he missed all the times Cuomo said the federal government has failed us throughout his press conferences. Washington, Michigan and New Jersey friends, please weigh in!
  • QUESTION: What more specifically do you want these governors to do?
  • TRUMP: “All I want them to do is, very simple, I want them to be appreciative. I don’t want them to say things that aren’t true. I want them to be appreciative. We’ve done a great job.”
  • TRUMP: We have the army crops renovating hotels. That should be for the states to do. He goes on to say that the governors are blaming him “for political reasons”, and then he goes on to cry woe is me for several minutes longer.
  • TRUMP: I told Mike Pence “DON’T CALL THE WOMAN IN MICHIGAN” (actual audible gasp from me!) “You know what I say? If they don’t treat you right, I don’t call.”
  • NOTE FROM ME: PLEASE WAKE UP, AMERICA! He is leaving people to die because his ego can’t handle facts!!!!
  • QUESTION: Given that older Americans are advised not to travel, is it absolutely necessary for you to go to Norfolk tomorrow?
  • TRUMP: “No, but I have spirit for the country.”
  • QUESTION: You blamed the previous administration for the lack of supplies for a pandemic, you said “we took over an empty shelf”. You’ve been president for more than three years, why didn’t you and your administration fill that shelf?
  • TRUMP: We did. We did fill it. Twice. And we’ve been distributing it for literally a year. The stock pile has been filled “many, many times”. He claims he “changed the system”.
  • QUESTION: What kind of conversation did you have with the president of China?
  • TRUMP: A great one. We talked about how corona happened, what happened… he then praises himself for closing the borders to China YET AGAIN. “ Data… we call it data”
  • QUESTION: Did he ask you to suspend tariffs?
  • TRUMP: No.
  • QUESTION: Monday will be the end of the 15 days to slow the spread. Do you expect that you will simply renew the guidelines? Or do you expect to make modifications?
  • TRUMP: I’ll be sitting down with Tony and Deborah to think about this on Monday or Tuesday.
  • QUESTION: So for people at home, who are wondering how long are we going to have to live like this, what advice would you give them?
  • TRUMP: We do want to flatten the curve, and we really need to talk about areas that have not been affected. I certainly want to get the country open as soon as possible, but I also want it to open “safe”. “Otherwise, what did we do?”
  • QUESTION: United Airlines believes that there will not be enough aid in the bill for them to keep them from having massive layoffs. What do you think about this?
  • TRUMP: “We have brilliant people, and a tremendous amount of money. We have brilliant people from Wall Street.”
  • QUESTION: There may be an economic conflict between bringing companies back to health and making sure people keep their jobs. Are you going to do anything to intervene in that?
  • TRUMP: No, I think those are the same thing. He claims he is “ok at this stuff”.
  • Florida has issued some of the most lax separation rules in the country, yet Florida has a huge population of elderly people. Do you believe the governor is handling this well?
  • TRUMP: I do, because he’s a very talented guy and everyone loves him. He wasn’t happy with the people “flying down from New York”. This MF’er is just going to blame us in New York for everything, isn’t he? SMH.
  • QUESTION: In your letter to the governors, you said they should stop allowing people from high risk areas to travel to low risk areas. How do you expect them to do that?
  • TRUMP: Well, we have some very strong restrictions. We’re going to see.
  • QUESTION: Millions of kids are home, what would you tell the kids watching at home?
  • TRUMP: “I would say that you are a citizen of the greatest country anywhere in the world. And we were attacked, like… nothing that’s happened possibly since 1917 so many years ago. We were attacked. And we’re winning the battle, and we’re going to win the war, and it’s not going to be hopefully that much longer.”
  • TRUMP: He says to let them know that the country was doing GREAT before this.
  • TRUMP: “This thing… maybe it’s a virus… no one knows.”
  • QUESTION: When does the risk become acceptable to go back outside?
  • TRUMP: We’re going to look into that on Monday. He continues by saying that the media has been “very fair” to him and that he’s “not used to fair treatment”. And, yes, all of that is as unrelated to the question as it sounds.
  • QUESTION: New York is currently the epicenter of the crisis. Yesterday, Kellyanne Conway laid a lot of blame for that on the Mayor. I’m wondering if you agree?
  • TRUMP: He says that he does not know De Blasio well, but somehow also “spoken to him a lot”. He says it has been “productive”. He talks about Elmhurst, and vaguely mentions the morgue trucks. But, he says that he likes De Blasio and has been helping him.
  • QUESTION: Are you prepared for the oncoming rush of states that will need help?
  • TRUMP: We are doing a lot. Building hospitals. He says he is getting along well with the governor of California.
  • QUESTION: You and your team have had classified briefings about this virus since January. Did you include the governors in those briefings? When did you warn them?
  • TRUMP: Trump claims he did not have these briefings that long ago, and then he ONCE AGAIN gases off about how he was the first person to close the borders to China. I am not even sure if that is a true statement!
  • QUESTION: On the subject of ventilators, Governor Cuomo says he expects the Apex of his curve to be in 21 days-
  • TRUMP: “Here’s what’s gonna happen, you ready? We’re gonna have more than… we’re manufacturing a lot of them now, we’re accumulating a lot, we’re taking a lot, through the act, we’re taking a lot. We’re actually taking them, and we’re gonna have in a very short period of time, and Peter is doing it along with some very talented people, some really talented people, it’s uh… it’s very impressive, really. But, we’re actually taking a lot. We’re gonna have plenty. And if for some reason, you’re going to need even more, we’re gonna be prepared.”
  • TRUMP: “I inherited a broken system. It was an empty box,”
  • TRUMP: “What we don’t want, is where we distribute the ventilators in New York and they didn’t need them” Y’all, this man is an idiot and does not understand how this virus works!
  • QUESTION: Do you think you’ll be able to get ventilators to every state?
  • TRUMP: I think we’re in great shape. I think we’ll have more than we need, and we’ll be able to send the ventilators to other countries. He then tells the reporter “don’t be a cutie pie” for asking the question.
  • QUESTION: Do you think there will be a need for a phase of relief bills?
  • TRUMP: It may be something where we’ll have to help states, because some of the states have been hurt very badly. He says the priority is “Life and Safety” and then the economy.
  • QUESTION: The World Health Organization said today that any medicines used to treat COVID-19 should be clinically tested and backed by science, but you have encouraged the use of a malaria drug and said you’re sending it to New York very soon. So, is the WHO wrong on this point?
  • TRUMP: He says that the malaria drug seems to have some good backing. He says they’ve given New York 10,000 units. And it’s phenomenal for malaria! So, they’re testing it. He goes on to say that they should test it on people immediately because “people are already dying”.
  • QUESTION: Do you plan to suspend import tariffs for three months?
  • TRUMP: He says this is fake news, and then goes on to say that the Wall Street Journal publishes “a lot of fake news”.


  • The task force met again today.
  • All 50 states now have an active case.
  • The epicenter is still New York.
  • *waves the one sheet*
  • Talks about the relief bill.
  • As of this evening, the president has issued major disaster declarations, most recently for Maryland and Missouri.
  • Emory University in Atlanta began enrolling volunteers in a phase 1 clinical trial for another possible vaccine for the virus.
  • Testing for COVID-19 is available in all 50 states.
  • More than 685,000 have already been performed.
  • Pence says we are airlifting in supplies from countries around the globe, which is funny given how much time Trump just spent saying we were going to airlift them out.
  • If you work at a hospital and are running short on PPE, please alert your hospital administrator. Hospital administrators, please alert your state health director.
  • Tonight the administrator Gainer of FEMA will be speaking to all the hospital administrators in America to talk about the availability of resources, and to encourage everyone to have a logistical supply line from the national guard.


  • She wants everyone to know that President Trump is doing everything he can to keep the children safe and healthy during this crisis. (ignoring the fact that they left New York without the budget needed to fund schools)
  • We must rise to the challenge of educating many children, from many walks of life.
  • She is here to announce a new public/private partnership.
  • But, first she’d like to share some stories about how people are handling this shit show.
  • SPOILER ALERT: Teachers are stepping up and doing more than they are paid to do AS PER USUAL.
  • Trump has taken action to make sure our children don’t need to take standardized tests this year. 47 states have requested this delay in standardized testing, and 46 have been approved in a 24 hour period.
  • They also released additional information making clear the expectation that education will continue for all students. The transition to distance and online learning needs to happen quickly, and it needs to include meaningful instructions and support for children with disabilities.
  • Talks about how people are making this work in all states.
  • They are compiling all of the tools they have produced, along with the great resources that states are offering to help keep learning going. This will be added to their website on an ongoing basis. That website is
  • They are working on providing funding for students who are in school districts that were shut down. She says she’s always believed that funding should be tied to students, not districts.
  • PERSONAL NOTE: I encourage everyone to look up what this woman did with schools of choice in Michigan, and the devastating effect it had on the city of Detroit.
  • She says she will support microgrants for teachers.
  • She talks about how inspiring it’s been to watch our nation’s underpaid teachers struggle to get through this mess.
  • She says they are “continuing to cut federal bureaucracy and allowing schools to rise to this occasion”… which sounds a lot like “we’re continuing to do basically nothing while the states are left to figure this out themselves.”
  • She calls this a “momentary setback” and starts talking about the economy.
  • Federally held student loans will be set at 0% interest rates and can now be deferred for up to 6 months.
  • Says some nice words about keeping up the great work.


  • They are giving out waivers to make sure that kids continue to be fed.
  • They have been working with food producers to make sure that all of our essential food workers are staying on the job.
  • He says that we do not have any problems with the food supply chain, and calls it an “American success story”.
  • HE COUGHS! *suspicious squirrel face*
  • He introduces our corporate sponsors from PepsiCo and Panera Bread, and they tell some human interest stories about making sure kids get food.
  • Y’all I just have to hit you with a few of the comments on this section of the NPR live feed for the Pepsico guy. “Who is this???” and “When did they make Zach Galifianakis part of the cabinet?” lol
  • Panera cares deeply about children or whatever. In all honesty, I should stop throwing  shade here because 1) I love Panera and 2) this Panera guy is doing more for us than most of Trump’s actual cabinet.


  • Yesterday we talked about making sure that our efforts at social distancing are being reflected in the projected need for ventilators, especially in places like Detroit, Dearborn, Cook County and New Orleans. We know that we will not see those adjustments in the next week, but we hope to see them in future weeks.
  • It’s important that we adopt and adapt distancing methods for our country.
  • There was a question about quarantining New Yorkers, she says, and she just wants to clarify one more time that this was not a request for a mandatory quarantine of all New Yorkers, but rather a warning to make New Yorkers aware that they may be infected even if they travel away from New York City. Personally, I actually do think she looks stressed and annoyed here because that was her intention, but many people took it as a call to brick off New York City and let us die. I don’t think that she meant anything malicious by her original comment, and I think she feels guilty now that people are saying such harsh things about New York. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt here and say she is trying to discourage people from bullying us.
  • We continue to look at the data everyday.


  • Today he had an opportunity to talk to people who are working on the front lines in places like New York.
  • He told them that they are doing an amazing job.
  • Interestingly, he pointedly reminds everyone that he is a member of the task force too, almost as if some of the people on the stage have forgotten that. This could just be me, but I got some definite mean girls vibes here.
  • …and now I’m picturing Dr. Fauci shouting “THE LIMIT DOESN’T EXIST” as he walks off stage. Lol


  • QUESTION: You said that there would soon be a website where we can see all the data you have, are we closer to that? When do you expect to have that up?
  • DR. BIRX: Thank you, we’ve learned that when the community is educated we all do better together. So, it’s important to get that information out. We are still working on getting this data. The bill mandating that commercial labs share their data was passed today, so hopefully we’ll have that soon.
  • QUESTION: What is the testing standard?
  • DR. BIRX: Testing only tells you if you were positive when you tested. You could become positive the next day. We are working on streamlining the testing standards.
  • QUESTION: Sunday will mark one month since our first death from this illness. How has this nation changed since that death?
  • DR. FAUCI: This is truly an unprecedented situation. He says if you look at other illnesses, like AIDS, the death toll has been horrific. But, it was a slow epidemic. It happened over time. This is happening in real time, and no one has seen a situation like this in over 100 years. It’s truly unprecedented.


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Thank you for suffering through these press conferences and taking notes. That are truly brightening my day.


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